Twitter Followers Get News From Today’s Apple Music Announcement First & What To Expect

image from scrapetv.com Steve Jobs will take the stage for Apple's big music announcement at 10AM PT / 1PM ET today and Hypebot will be tweeting the news as it happens (@hypeot, sign up here). When Jobs concludes, we'll post a summary on Hypebot.

What will Apple announce today?

Anything anyone writes about today's announcements is guessing based on rumors and a few insider hints from outside of Apple (i.e. labels that would have to grant rights, etc.)  But it's likely that Apple will announce  upgrades to its line of iPods (an iPod Touch with a camera?) as well as to iTunes.

iTunes upgrades are likely to include an increase in the length of song samples to 90 seconds. That's not particularly impressive given that with a few clicks you can listen to a complete version of almost any song for free.  There's also strong speculation that Apple will begin to offer a web based version of the iTune's software. 

Will Apple announce a cloud based music service? I doubt that will happen today. The labels, according to my sources, have thus far been unwilling to give the green light.

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  1. Skip the labels…
    I am wishfully thinking about an end-to-end solution..
    artist profile page on the web >> right through to distribution >> streaming >> downloads >> all the way to the consumer’s pocket >> recommendation included.

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