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Weezer Invades YouTube Today

image from If you're not a fan of the quirkiness known as Weezer,  you may want to stay away from You Tube today as the band invades the site to promote today's release of their new album "Hurley". To accomplish this de-facto Weezer-ization of YouTube, the band sent invites to leading YouTubers offering only these caveats: "We're up for just about anything that can be filmed in the studio. The finished clip will be yours to release and distribute on Sept. 14, 2010. Acting, performance, interview, make-up, comedy – you let us know what you want to do and how much time you think it might take to film."

The campaign is a logical twist for a band who in 2008, invited YouTube stars to be in their video for "Pork and Beans." The inclusion of such Web celebs as Tay Zonday ("Chocolate Rain"), the Numa Numa Guy, and the melodramatic Chris "Leave Britney Alone" Crocker struck a chord with the viewing public, as well as the media, and ultimately led to the Weezer clip winning a GRAMMY for "Best Shortform Music Video."

The talent/channels that took Weezer up on their offer include:

  • AutoTune The News: 
  • Cyr1216: 
  • DaveDays:
  • Fred: 
  • Hot For Words:
  • MagicHugs: 
  • Mystery Guitar Man: 
  • Onision:
  • Ray William Johnson:    
  • Real Annoying Orange: 
  • StSanders aka Kiss Shreds: 
  • Tay Zonday:
  • The Key of Awesome: 
  • UsofAnderson:
  • KeepTheHeat (Snuggie cameo)

This winter, Weezer takes their break the rules styles on the road with a multi-city U.S. tour that will see the band play two shows in each market. On the first night Weezer will play the Blue Album in its entirety, and the second night they will play Pinkerton in its entirety.

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