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50 Million Digital Albums Sold In The UK

image from New figures released by BPI to The Telegraph indicate that the '500 millionth single download was purchased in the UK last week.' Also, UK digital album sales have topped the 50 million mark. When figures started being recorded four and a half years ago, digital albums accounted for less than 2% of UK music industry revenue—now they're up to nearly 20%.

Incredibly, the amount of time that it took digital albums to reach that mark is less than the duration that it took CDs back in the 1980s; a difference of about half a year. According to BPI’s chief executive, Geoff Taylor, these numbers reflect that fans are still interested in hearing the full body of work from artists, rather than just the singles. Thus far this year, only five albums have sold over 100,00 copies in the UK, with Mumford & Sons’ ablum being the top seller.

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