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18 Essays About The Evolution Of Digital Music

image from Each of these essays explore a range of topics and there are more to come. There's many subjects can be tied into a post about the music industry.  The changes that we're seeing are everywhere. Thank you to all the readers willing to wade through the longer pieces and I aim to create more worth browsing though soon.

  1. 10 Truths About The Modern Recording Industry.
  2. Why We're Less Happy With Music Now Than Ever.
  3. 4 Reasons Why Fans Are File-Share That You Can Change.
  4. A New Age Of Extremes: Why The Hype Machine Kills What It Creates.
  5. An Audience With An Audience: Technology Is Changing Live Music.
  6. The Price of Now: Why I Hate Bookstores.
  7. Music As Events, Musicians As Journalists.
  8. Now In 3D: Live Shows And Backward Thinking.
  9. Why The Copyright Wars Have Failed To Stop File-Sharing.
  10. The End (And Beginning) Of Music As A Loss Leader.
  11. Top Ten Reasons Why Listeners Think Radio Sucks.
  12. The Great Indie Music Conspiracy.
  13. Top Ten Government Mandates Needed To Save Music.
  14. A Music World That Centers On The Fan.
  15. Always-On: How Technology Is Biased Against Time.
  16. Program Or Be Programmed: It's Your Choice Now.
  17. 4 Reasons Why Fans Are File-Sharing That Can't Be Changed.
  18. The Real and ONLY Reasons Why Fans File-Share Music.