2 New Google Features Could Help Artists Find Fans

image from thenextweb.com Google has introduced two new location based features that offer opportunites for musicans building a fan base in their home town, as well as those on tour. The first, Place Search, was designed to make it easier to find local businesses along with maps and reviews, but it also could make it easier for fans to find the kind of music they like.

A search for "bluegrass + Roanoke, Virginia" might bring up shows at the wonderful Kirk Avenue Music Hall, but Google's Place Search should help improve and streamile results. If Google were to add the results of a fan's Facebook pals to results as Bing has, search results could get even more powerful.

The other new Google feature called Boost, is a new type of ad for local businesses that musicians can us to their advantage. Boost ads show up when users search for local businesses appearing as sponsored links in search results and Google Maps.  Having an ad for a band's show or new release placed, for example, next to serarch results for a top live music spot could prove an effective way to reach out to new fans.

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  1. DOnt forget Google TV, apps are coming to the living room creating all new experiences and tremendous engagement/monetization opportunities.
    All labels/brands are now media companies.

  2. This is some solid info I’ll put it to use and share it with all of my associates. I’ll be on the look out for google tv as well.

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