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Justin Boland

You've been on fire all month but this was really exceptional.

Greg Fiddle

Thank you, that's nice of you to say.

Brian Hazard

Personally, I get a warm fuzzy feeling whenever I see my music being shared, legality be damned. The genius of your article is that you don't suggest anything to discourage any form of sharing. Rather, we as artists should strive to make buying the more attractive, or at least more convenient, option.

George Ziemann

I completely agree with Brian Hazard. Unfortunately, we seem to be in the minority. It seems like most musicians (even the independents, sadly) are locked into the RIAA mindset and have a sense of entitlement that dictates they DESERVE to sell X amount of CDs or digital tracks just because they spent thousands of dollars to make them. If they don't, it is the fault of the world for "stealing" from them. The most amazing part to me is that they won't even consider that their public attitude against the audience might be part of their problem.


I know this is a few years old but I just read it. Erroneous nonsense that only other freehadists would cling to in a feeble attempt to justify their thievery.

1. Right they’ve never heard of legitimate download and streaming sites, a la Itunes, but the obscure torrent sites are on the tips of everyones tongue.
2. Spotify is a European company so that study sounds like bollox.
3. Torrent, sharing sites profit greatly via the exploitation of work they don’t own and had no part in creating. More and more laws will be brought in to stamp them out, some of those laws will probably go too far and infringe on decent peoples freedoms. You only have yourselves to blame for this. After all, if the choice is given and the beneficiary continues to choose poorly, again and again choosing to directly harm others by stealing their livelihoods…then the “choice” must be taken away.
4. Everything you say is geared up to take power away from the artist/creator and place it in the consumers hands. This will never be a fair stance. If you create something you have the right to do whatever you want with said creation. You want to sell it, then people must buy it if they want to consume it. If you want to give your music away, fine. There are plenty of artists who give away their music. If you want to avoid the ethical trappings of this situation simply download music that is being given away freely by the artist. Laws are there to protect & enforce these rights in the physical world. The digital world needs to follow suit or one by one as the technology expands, every company that relies on IP will suffer and many thousands of people will lose their livelihoods.
5. There’s no excuse. Stream the music and buy it if you like it. Sites like bandcamp offer it all to you on a plate. Even if the artist has allowed you a minute-long stream and not the full song that should be enough to make an educated guess as to whether you like it or not. Grow up.

More waffle, more excuses. If you wish to do right by the artists you claim to love then reward them for their efforts. If you can afford to pay but choose not to, you’re simply a bad person, so admit it. The internet has made it easy for you to act without conscience, with little chance of being caught and you’ve dived right in instead of being disciplined and decent enough to restrain yourselves. Culturally, this generation has boned itself of the new music it could have had as artist after artist have been unable to sustain their business, despite having demand for their creations. The most entitled, selfish, lazy and weakest generation in human history. “Do unto others as you’d have others do unto you” – the simplest rule to live by, yet many find it so difficult. Start listening to those you're actually harming.


Pip-- As a paid MAFIAA copyright shill, you must keep up with the news, lest you won't be paid. Tell your bosses that their business model is sadly out of date. An industry that does not adapt to the times, faces extinction. Since sharing media has been around as long as media itself, what makes you think it can be stopped. The internet is only the latest incarnation. More will follow.

With every technological advance I have heard your rant. After the VCR came out, and the ensuing lawsuits, the industry thought that was the end. Did the industry survive? Not only did it survive, it flourished. The Xerox machine was pretty controversial, the MP3 player, recordable DVD's, TIVO. All advances led to later innovations that continue to evolve and change our lives. If left to you, we would still be living in caves. But keep spouting your 'stealing' rhetoric, its done so much good so far...

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