PlayButton – A Wearable Button That Plays Music

Fdf Why just play a record when you can wear it too? That’s a thinking behind an emerging company called PlayButton.

They’re going to sell wearable buttons that play music. The content can’t be changed or downloaded.

Each button has play and skip controls. Find out more:

They’re powered by a re-chargeable lithium battery.

In November of 2010 they will start taking orders. This looks like a great way to make the digital graspable. But also, depending on production costs, it might also allow bands to sell their albums in a fun, perhaps cheaper manner to fans.

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  1. Doesn’t some company called Apple have a product like that. Something like an iPod Shuffle ? You can play whatever you want, in whatever order you want…$49.. Maybe the Playbutton people have been away, like in a mine,..for years. Good thinking though. I hear they’re working on a typewriter.

  2. I like it.
    the perceived value of mp3’s is zero, we need a collectible physical product to replace the vinyl records and make music something you can touch and have fun with, again. the CD failed at it from the beginning.
    new ideas like this are welcome.
    I’m just skeptical about “The content can’t be changed or downloaded.”; unless they use some extraterrestrial technology, hackers will find a way to crack it.

  3. I see this strictly as a marketing tool, depending on the price. The blank front could be the artist’s or band’s art or their bar code. Something neat. Would you rather buy the pay button at the merch table or $35 for a t-shirt that may never be worn.

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