ASCAP Cuts Payments Just Months After Issuing A Glowing Forecast

image from rm64.com In April of this year, ASCAP announced,  “Music is performed more often, in more places, in more ways by more businesses than ever before. That expanded music use, combined with dramatic ASCAP Membership growth, market share increases and effective strategic management have led to stunning revenue and distribution growth for 2009.” 2009 collections had risen $48 million to $995 million from the $947 million collected in 2008. But just recently, ASCAP cut payments to some members of it's ASCAPlus program by 20-30%.

“Unfortunately, because of the fiscal climate, less money was available this year for the award program,” ASCAP said in a letter to those receiving checks according to Film Music Magazine.  ASCAP did not respond to requests seeking a further explanation for the payment cuts.

ASCAPlus payments are for “writer members of any genre whose performances are primarily in venues not surveyed; and/or writer members whose catalogs have prestige value for which they would not otherwise be compensated.”

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