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AT&T Hopes You’ll Pay For Music On Your Phone Bill

image from AT&T has partnered with BOKU to offer consumers a direct carrier billing solution for online goods including music using their existing wireless service account. From their wireless handset, customers can make online purchases by entering their mobile number and charging directly to their existing AT&T wireless account.

This kind of direct mobile music connection was part of the vision the Edgar Bronfman sold to investors during the Warner Music Group buyout. Years later, there's little proof that any new three step authorization and capture transaction process (users click BOKU to purchase and then 1. Enter their mobile number, 2. Receive a text message to confirm, and 3. Reply with the letter “y.” will improve an increasingly bleak music sales picture.

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  1. Not so great if they place taxes and fees on top of your purchase. Very sneaky AT&T.

  2. Yeah, i don’t trust AT&T for a second. We once had a new cell phone that had a “free” trial to watch tv on it, we got a thousand dollar phone bill! nowhere did it say that they charged for the internet time to watch the “free” tv. I sadly still owe that bill to this day,as i refuse to pay it, i was ripped off.

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