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Yannick, the GeneralEclectic

I'd rather call brands the new patrons of artists, not DJs. When J.S. Bach worked for the church as his patron, he wrote a huge collection of jingles for them.

Chiwuzie Sunday

Am i the only one that thinks that brands getting 'directly' involved with artists is not a good idea.

Seroiusly, think about it.

Danny Dee

Dj's act as curation filter, what the gentlemen from Razorfish described was more of a booking agent type role.


I wouldn't say they are the new DJ, but they will be much more involved. The relationship is going to be the same as nascar/skateboarding. Artists/Bands are going to be walking billboards (although some already are). Its eventually going to get bigger than the basic clothing or pro audio equipment relationship. The relationship is going to force artists and brands to get more creative, where the brands become the content distributers. TAG Records and the new Converse venture are good examples, we just haven't seen any real results from it yet. When 50 Cent partnered with Vitamin Water, instead of just coming out with the Formula 50 flavor, he should have released exclusive songs/content via the downloadable code model (look under the cap). Its a way to potentially drive up web traffic and sales through joint ventures. The smarter artists/bands will do the Nascar thing and align with as many brands as possible to the point where they don't even have to release an "album" because all of their content will be released through their brand partnership, physical everyday products that people still buy/consume.

B Skrilla

Is that Kenny Loggins?

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