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Steven Watson

This is a great post and I enjoyed reading it! Much of the correspondence about online marketing is very general in nature. However, your post describes a real world example of how specific products can be sold. I personally believe that anything can be sold online that is sold through more conventional approaches.

My primary focuses right now are article and SEO which work pretty well too. Thanks again and best regards!


Hey there,

Loved your feature and totally agree. I checked out your band page and it looks good. We at Guguchu are offering exactly what you are trying to do.

A clean, own branded band page and widgets acting as the band’s store fronts, a powerful selling solution, and the marketing tools to drive fan traffic to the band’s store fronts. Today we announced the release of Smart Payment Routing which allows artists to sell both single tracks and higher priced items while minimizing Paypal fees.

The key is that while we agree you should ultimately have your own band website, we allow you to set one up in I'd say 2 to 3 hours. No need to build it yourself. Music, store, pics, videos, fan signup, free track in exchange for an email address, viral spread through social networks, show announcements, customization, etc. Easy setup and continuing maintenance. Just point your existing page to the Guguchu band page.

Would love to give you a demo or set up a band page for you. Let me know.

CEO & Co-founder

Seamus Anthony

Thanks Steve and Bernd, and yes sure let's give Guguchu a go! Sounds good.

Account Deleted

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Seamus Anthony

Thanks for that poignant addition to the conversation there Rey.

Mark Johnson

I believe there are a lot of elements within internet marketing that the musician can utilise. (except perhaps, the annoying robotic marketing copy...)

At behyped.com we've written posts on creating a landing page on your facebook page (in effect a 'squeeze page').

I'm curious to know what email marketing software your using?

Seamus Anthony

Hey Mark, mailchimp. Seems ok, although I have noticed that more musicians who are into this kind of jazz recommend Aweber... do you have any opinions about this?

Behyped looks awesome by the way, will definitely bookmark this site.


Great article, agree completely.

We're believers of this "landing page concept" combined with effective internet marketing practices as described in your article.

In fact, we've created a platform that allows artist to create these squeeze pages easily. www.viinyl.com.

Simple concept - song based websites: 1 Song. 1 Site. 1 URL.

It's a nice format to BRAND a song, enrich the music experience for fans, increase fan loyalty & help drive sales.

Artists can make attractive song sites optimized to showcase and promote their music the way they want it in only minutes.

Each song site comes with lyrics, artwork, videos, notes, a variety of download options & access to intuitive promotional & tracking tools.

Again, thanks for the great article, and if your curious about some of our branded song pages... Check out how some artists are using viinyl:




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