Cassette Walkman Departs On iPod Anniversary

image from www.thecubiclechick.com Sony decided to phase out the cassette Walkman. Like you, I had not realized that they still made them. To most, it represented the first personal music experience they had. The whole concept of music being the soundtrack to your life spawned out of the cassette Walkman. Sound exploded within environments that had previously been silent and the bustling noise of the city faded into the background of your favorite song.

With it, music gained an element of serendipity. A song ended to the moment you walked into a building or the beat that matched the pulse of the landscape.

Everyone felt like movie stars, they fit each life scene with the perfect song.

In an ironic twist, Sony announced that they would stop producing the cassette Walkman one day before the anniversary of the iPod. While its death relates to many other causes, such as the Sony Discman, it makes for an interesting note to go out on. Yet, even the idea of the personalized music experience is showing wear. People do not want three different devices that do three different things.

Do you have any fond memories with the cassette Walkman? Is the idea of a device solely dedicated to the personal music experience fading?

via Gizmodo

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