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gene does not take it up the ass very well....ahahhaha

Yannick, the GeneralEclectic

If suing pirates does not work, why the heck are Anonymous members even bothering about Gene Simmons? Free publicity?


I believe "girlfriend" is one word, Gene.


Gene knows what he's doing. The people who don't get it don't understand marketing.


these types of things can turn the issue into a lightening rod issue - the more the issue is pushed into the light the harder it is to be denial of the facts.

remove the illegally free supply, and the paid supply will increase. simple math. simple economics.

the amount of denial and rationalization the surrounds piracy is stunning.


Man...Gene really does not know what these people can do!

I feel sorry for him. Oh..BTW, snfubar, the old model was indeed governed by supply side math but the new model is algorithmic and complicated.

Donald von Fabio

don't you think he's doing this just to stir up some publicity and sell kiss merch? the official Kiss firewall coming soon to a sam goody near you. (and yes, sam goody's still do exist. lol)

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