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Corey Crossfield

He cuts right to the point. A lot of the problems in the industry are caused by those suffering the most. Too bad.

Old Record Guy

"When Napster first appeared, they should have cut the same deal with its owners that they have historically cut with radio stations — technically stations are free to play whatever music they want and they pay into a fund which gets distributed to the various rights holders."

This guy never sat in a negotiation with Napster back in the day and tried to "simply" do a deal with them. I love reading books by all these assholes who opine about historical subject matter they don't bother to research - if he's such a renowned scholar he should actually understand what the issues were by getting facts, or doesn't MIT require scholars to do that anymore?

Kyle, let's try an experiment: get an e-copy of Mr. Jenkin's book, and make it available for free download on Hypebot without his consent. Let's see what his reaction is. Better yet, grab all of his papers and written work at MIT, and make it available for free download on Hypebot, on an ad supported page. Let's see if Mr. Jenkins can practice what he preaches.

His thoughts on where we should be now are spot on, but the 20/20 hindsight shit, without any apparent understanding of what happened at the time, is really pathetic for someone who is supposed to be a top notch educator. But then again, like Woody Allen said (and I'm paraphrasing), "those who can't do, teach."


wow! dude, stop making sense! don't you know when any jackass mentions how stupid the industry is or how it's dead or dying through it's own actions, hypebot will give it premium space?

hey, hypebot, why don't you ask old record guy to write an article. his one post is already better than 90% of what has been posted here in the last two years...

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