More Music Industry News: Spotify Adds Concerts, We7, Bowie, Court Denies 3 Strikes, HFA & More

image from assets.nydailynews.com (UPDATED) This is a semi-holiday in the U.S., but we're here posting stories including breaking news.  I also wanted to share with you the loss of a client and great friend, the legendary Solomon Burke. This Grammy winner, member of the Rock 'n Roll Hall Of Fame and "The King of Rock & Soul" left us while on the way to a gig in Amsterdam. As the family wrote: "He was on his way to spread his message of love as he loved to do."  I'll miss him terribly.

  • Spotify will stream exclusive live concerts to premium subscribers. (DMW)
  • we7 announced a number of new features which will allow users to generate playlists which can instantly be included in their search results.
  • Why there will never be another David Bowie: Lady Gaga has got it wrong: the Thin White Duke's brilliance cannot be reduced to his ability to strike a decent pose (Guardian)

More Music Industry News & Commentary:

    • Music Industry Fails In High Court Bid To Force 3 Strikes on ISP – An Irish Internet service provider has won its “3 strikes” legal battle with the music industry. The Irish Recorded Music Association – Warner, Universal, Sony and EMI – had tried to force UPC to disconnect subscribers who they claim had been caught illegally sharing files. UPC refused and today it was announced that the ISP has won its fight. (Torrent Freak)
    • Bright Spot for the Music Industry: Product Placement Is Pirate-Proof. (Fast Company)
    • Yahoo! has added Songkick’s concert data as part of a series of initiatives Yahoo! launched to streamline and improve search for its users.
    • The Harry Fox Agency has added Texas-based San Antonio Music Publishers to its client list
    • CBC Stops Using Creative Commons Music Over Concerns About Commercial vs. Non-Commercial Use. (TechDirt)

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