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MySpace Gets A New Logo. What Do You Think?

image from adweek.blogs.comAs part of its ongoing redesign MySpace last week unveiled a new logo (on right above) that replaces half its name with a… space. “MySpace is a platform for people to be whatever they want, so we’ve decided to give them the space to do it,”  said MySpace VP of User Experience Mike Macadaan explaining the philosophy behind it. What do you think of the new MySpace logo?

Video Of The Logo In Action:

As this video shows, the new MySpace logo does seem to work a bit better in action than it does as a static graphic, but still…

What do you think of the new MySpace logo?

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  1. To me, this seems like something that would be good in an ad placement that you would see on a billboard or in a magazine… but as a logo itself, meh. It is an interesting concept, but ultimately I think that if people can’t recognize their concept without having to show a video to illustrate what they were trying to convey, then it is a failed idea.

  2. I totally agree. It’s definitely not the snafu that Gap’s recent logo redesign was but it looks like it belongs on a billboard and not on, say, a website.

  3. In my lifetime most major re-branding efforts have had little impact on product value and have been more a case of updating an outdated image. In the case of MySpace, their logo change has been cause for comment and most of it negative. Like any once great product trying to regain its stature, MySpace will have to prove its worth once again to millions of people who no longer consider it relevant. The real question people should concern themselves with is whether their new product with whatever features they roll out along with it, will make for a reinvented product compelling enough to re-engage the public or will the site continue on its current path towards decline.
    David Sherbow, CEO/Founder

  4. I thought their new logo was
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  5. I think this logo is more appropriate for a viral campaign to revive the MySpace brand, than an official company logo, but who knows, maybe they’ll do something else with it.

  6. My Space’s new logo is |_________| is a waste of money! I loved the reaction of the staff/stockholders or audiance that viewed it. They were as dumbfounded as we are!
    Ken Jones – CEO
    DNK Entertainment

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