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This is a great article about new music promotion. I've gained some insight an ideas from this post, thank you!

Corey Crossfield

Great article!

Glenn G

Shadow's accomplishments are no surprise but all of the merchandising streams and efforts, run with an indie budget at that, put things into perspective. I'd add that although this is from an established artist, these opportunities exist for an emerging artist. So long as you have interested fans and know how/where to contact them!

Michael Fiebach

Just FYI the Tour schedule is http://www.djshadow.com/tour (not .tour) thanks!

Danny Dee

Good stuff Michael!


Interesting read! Thanks for sharing!

Make It In Music

Brilliant in depth look at how it should be done - both online and offline.

Particularly impressed with the license back from the major to allow download sales on his own site outside of any widget from a download retailer - very smart and hard to get a label to agree to!

Interaction and on-site stuff is nbang up to date too.

Kyle Fisher

I saw the first DTF Marketing Workshop you did at SFSU, and it's really nice to read first-hand how you have applied the techniques you talked about during the workshop to Shadow's eMarketing campaign. The sheer breadth of avenues through which you guys are connecting with your fanbase is something to be admired, and is a template for those looking to continually expand their tribe. There's lots of good stuff in this first installment, I'm looking forward to reading what you have for us in your subsequent tour updates. Great work man.


fantastic insight. you pretty much taught a class, here.


Great piece, thanks for sharing.

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