Overheard At #CMJ Music And Film Festival 2010

454 As you know, CMJ 2010 is taking place this week. Surprisingly, the attendees seem less than interested in posted music industry insight nuggets. Here's a few shiny diamonds I found in the rough, but they were hard to dig out from the barrage of other related information about the festival and the music playing.

  • musicindustweet: "Listening. Measuring. Responding."
  • orchtweets: "Bands should interact in social media like they would have a conversation in real life…not just ask their fans to do things" -Robbie #CMJ
  • coreythrace: "Stalk your fans." #CMJ

Check Out A Few More Tweets Below:

    • pinnaclerecords: "Local shows are the most important thing college radio can do for the music industry." #cmj
    • karateboogaloo: Why do A&R people insist on claiming that they listen to everything they get when it's not true? #cmj
    • chrisisme: "We're talking about human beings!" Casey Rae Hunter: "Justin Bieber is not a human being." #CMJ
    • chrisisme: Talking a out what entitled assholes your young customers are is probably not the best idea when your customers are in the room. #CMJ
    • hrhnikkiawesome: "Too many artists only push out information when they should be interacting with other artists and helping each other." – @IAmTimBaker #CMJ

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    1. woo hoo! thanks for the shout!
      because of some questions via twitter, i’d like to clarify “stalk your fans” as I am the person who said it, while sitting on a panel about data & analytics. The moderator made no attempt to explore this, so I’ll try in this forum. I do not mean you should harass your fans or spam them. In fact that’s the last thing I’d ever encourage. Do not spam. Ever! In context my statement was made in relation to how bands & artists figure out who their fans are, and how that fits into the bigger picture of a strategy. When you sift through the numbers, you might not find as much as if you sift through their efforts to reach you. In other words, your fans are subscribing to you, and you are able to find out a lot more about them – beyond the scope of just knowing they’ve retweeted you 24 times. Take the time to learn more or try to use data collection initiatives that are attempting to help you with this process. Take your digital presence beyond the numbers and into the realm of real world knowledge and connectivity. Are your fans into mountain climbing? They Are? Ok, maybe you should you sell ropes as exclusive merch at live shows only…
      The internet allows artists to know more about their fans than ever before. You don’t need to use polldaddy to figure out who your fanbase is. Just click around. Makes targeting your efforts appropriately much easier, and most importantly more meaningful.
      Data reports are 1 of the most valuable biproducts of the “new music industry” – but music and love of music is a highly emotional experience which may not translate as clearly in your data reports. Thankfully, the internet is very clickable.
      written on the fly, pardon the typos – hello to all from CMJ… – Corey Denis (@coreythrace)

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