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Random Quotes From FMC Policy Summit

This guest post is by Max Willens, editor of We All Make Music.

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  • "People ask me all the time if I have problems with stalkers. And I say, 'Yeah, but I put 'em to work.'" – Jill Sobule, on how to deal with overactive fans
  • "We're making the same amount of money as we were ten years ago, but the breakdown's completely different." Ronald Burgess, head of Smithsonian Folkways
  • "75% of our fans buy the most expensive package of our new releases."  – Amaechi Uzuigwe, head of Def Jux

More Great Quotes From FMC Policy Summit Below:

  • Amaechi: "When was the last time you signed a band off a demo?"
    Spot Philpot, co-founder of Merge Records: "Um, 12 years ago?"
  • "We're going to get [to a healthy music business] when we start acting like women and stop acting like the men that have run this business into the ground." – Jim Griffin, managing director, OneHouse
  • "[As an artist] It's not about trying to stand out anymore. It's about trying to blend in." – Hank Shocklee
  • "Instead of trying to read data for insights…come up with a question or idea, then go out and get data to try and figure that out."  – Eric Garland, CEO Big Champagne
  • "There's a limited audience of people that want to pay a monthly fee for anything, let alone music." – Tim Westergren, founder of Pandora
  • "They've [the major labels] have gotten stuck in a price structure that allows no innovation." – T-Bone Burnett
  • "When things go away, people will know what the problem is." Mark Kates, founder of Fenway Recordings
  • "By the time you're hearing about [a strategy or trend] at a panel at a conference, it's too late." – Hotspur's Joe Mach, on new strategies for musicians

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