Spotify Inches Closer To U.S. With Cash In Hand

image from nmhc.us (UPDATED) I'd heard from sources that talks between Spotify and labels have been getting more serious recently after months of little movement, but not because they're suddenly loosening their licensing terms. Greg Sandoval of CNet says that the primary reason that the majors may be letting Spotify into the US is because they're being offered big advances. 

It makes sense.  Spotify has repeatedly claimed that they would launch in the US before the end of the year. And label executives, facing another 2 months of double digit sales declines, would love a cash infusion just in time for their year end reports and Christmas bonus calculations.

Paying big advances and betting that subscriber numbers will eventually catch up is a bold move for Spotify.  But almost everyone (including me) that has ever tried Spotify, loves it; and launching prior to new music services from Goolge and iTunes could be Spotify's smartest move yet.


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  1. Yes, I completely agree! They need to get moving before Google, Apple and maybe Sony get in their first!
    I have Spotify in the US because I’ve had it for a few years while I was in England. Nothing comes close to it, Grooveshark maybe, but it is still many steps behind.
    I hope Spotify comes to these shores soon.
    Saying that though, Google Music is an exciting prospect. I was shown the ropes while on a visit to Beijing and the simplicity and the little features make Google’s product a BIG contender! I attach my article on Google Music China with screenshots etc…
    Streaming is the new black.

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