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Shea Warnes

I'm suprised people still use Limewire anyway.

Still hoping Spotify comes over to the US! I am lucky enough to have it over here and nothing comes close!


Chris Duncan

"Eventually the limited selection and restricted experience of free streaming will frustrate you"

Not at all - Spotify has 99% of the music I want to hear. And it's not restrictive, it's extremely accessible (via phone, multiple laptops etc)

Old Record Guy

The only person at Limewire that gives a shit about music or artists is Tom Monday, someone should rescue him from that cesspool before they pour the dirt over this corpse

Jean Renard

The RIAA, blessed be their holy name, claim that Limewire cost artists 500 million a month, surely ALL that money will now flow and help artists.

the RIAA would not make that up, (Gregorian chanting) blessed be their holy name saviors of the music industry.

I wonder if on appeal the money does not in fact surface it would be akin to not finding a body in a murder trial....


I'm glad Bit Torrent was mentioned because it is not mentioned enough. This seems to be the real issue as there are 6 billion bit torrent web pages. How these guys will be terminated we will have to see, but I see this as the next huge fight.


There are excellent legal alternatives gaining major momentum such as www.guvera.com that allows users unlimited free streaming and free downloads paid for by brand channels that are DRM free and the site is completely legal. Guvera has millions of songs already available and is adding more as well as film and TV shortly.

I believe this is the future.

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