Japanese Robots Hope To Destroy The Music Industry As We Know It

image from www.celebrityaccess.com Japanese engineers have now developed a fembot that can sing J-pop, calling into stark question the future of human pop singers. According to technology blog Popsci, the robot, an HRP-4, was developed using breath-analysis software and mouth movement observation based on human models. The divabot blinks and opens her mouth appropriately as she sings, mimicking the patterns of a human singer.

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The singing is not a track recording, but instead actual singing using a technique called 'robotic shaped note singing,' managed by Vocaloid software developed my Yamaha.

"We hope the entertainment industry will be able to make widespread use of robots," said Masataka Goto, who leads the Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology's media interaction group. (via Ian Courtney at CelebrityAccess

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  1. Wow! – every Major Label A&R man’s dream. A singer you can mold into any radio format and then take home on the weekends for a little fun.

  2. I just wish there was voice over to translate the explanations .. being blind sucks! I’m interested in if that’s a synthesizer that sings, or if it’s just a straight human being played back? I’m guessing, from the article blurb that it’s a synthh made to create a human’s singing voice?

  3. Will never be big. A big part of an artist is storytelling. How to do that with a robot? What about the interviews for magazines?
    Music is not about singing perfect its about so much more

  4. Wow, just what we need.
    What the difference, Protools during studio and live performances and now this crap.

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