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Winners Of Music Hack Day – Boston

image from Music Hack Days have been held around the globe and last weekend the event came to Boston. The goal main of every Music Hack Day is to explore and build the next generation of music applications. It's a full weekend of hacking in which  participants conceptualize, create and present their projects. The organisers call it Music + software + hardware + art + the web. "Anything goes as long as it's music related."

Music Hack Day Boston Winners: 

A full ist of partipants with links to most of them follows.

Preview – Listen to hot songs from all artists playing a given show. Much easier than tracking them all down on myspace! Winner of Ticketfly Prize

Jennie’s Ultimate Road Trip – Jennie's Ultimate Road Trip will create a tour itinerary for your road trip.  Give the web app your starting city, ending city, dates of travel and your favorite artists and Jennie's Ultimate Road Trip will find all the best events that you should see on the way, and schedules your trip so you arrive in town just in time for the show. Songkick Prize

DIY Ceelo – Remember the text version of the Ceelo video that was making the rounds earlier this year before the fully-produced version emerged, which displayed big blocky lyrics as Ceelo sang them? DIY Ceelo lets you do that for any music video on YouTube.  MusiXMatch Prize

LyricalComments – Pulls timestamped lyrics (subtitles) from musiXmatch and posts them as comments onto the track on SoundCloud. Creating a faux-karaoke effect. MusiXMatch Prize

Sing ‘Em All: – simple web app that turns any block of text into song using the melody of your choice.  SoundCloud Prize

FeedTunes – FeedTunes takes the top Twitter trends of the day, searches for songs with those keywords as lyrical content, and generates a playlist based on those results. 7Digital Prize

Danceability Index – Use Last FM to find historical most popular songs in NYC.  Get danceability of popular songs from Echo Nest.  Make Danceability Index and use it to invest in the stock market. Sf MusicTech Prize, Echo Nest Prize

Invisible Instruments – Guitar: By making use of the accelerometers and tilt-detectors in the iPhone and Wii remote, Invisible Instruments – Guitar allows the player to shred without a guitar, while enjoying a decent degree of control over what chords and notes get played. It’s just like air guitar, but noisier. SF Music Tech Prize

NoteFlight HTML5 Score Viewer and Player – We're exporting information from a customized version of Noteflight allowing a prototype HTML5 score viewer to render both a view and an audio rendition of a score. SF MusicTech Prize

SynLyrics – SynLyrics analyzes lyrics and assigns a color to each to allow you to view a song graphically. LyricFind Prize

Highlight to Listen – Highlight to Listen allows you to search for information and music for any artist by simply highlighting text on a page.  The Echo Nest Prize

HazMash -  HazMash gives regular civilians the ability to create their own mash-ups in real-time by dragging samples into a moving timeline, with the beats syncing up automatically. The Echo Nest Prize

scrobbyl – Scrobbyl makes it easy to keep up-to-date on what you're listening to on vinyl.  The Echo Nest Prize

A full list of all all Music Hack Day links and participants.

  1. Electric Eels Performance 
  2. Call Center's suck ( dynamic playlists while you wait ) 
  3. Ramid II melody composer.
  4. sQRatchLive buy the song the DJ is playing.
  5. On The Fly Setlist Creator
  6. Beatbox resynthesis – Align a beatbox performance to a drum track and use to resynthesize another beatbox performance.  
  7. hazMASH: mashups for the masses - Browser-based real-time interactive creation of music mashups using only html5, css, javascript, and EchoNest Remix.
  8. Noteflight HTML5 score viewer and player
  9. Scrobbyl – Scrobble you vinyl, CDs and cassette tapes 
  10. Paint Samples - Paint to the HTML5 Canvas and then listen your drawing using the Firefox 4 Audio API (Requires FF 4.0 Beta
  11. MusicSeeder – Personal Music Recommendation based off your Facebook 'liked' music.
  12. Tasteometer  - Plot your friends listening habits by energy and danceability
  13. Eyelid Visualizer - Visualize music as you listen to it 
  14. DIY Cee-Lo - Make your own Cee-Lo Green video based on the youtube of your choice
  15. SongSwot - How well do you know your music universe? 
  16. Toscanini Gestural Control Interface – a wireless gestural controlled for artists, dancers and musicians.
  17. FeedTunes – Playlist generated on current Twitter trends. (formerly TwitterPlay)
  18. Danceability Index – invest in the stock market based on the danceability rating of popular songs
  19. MarketParse
  20. VIPmkr
  21. mlnest – Cut up songs for mlr.
  22. Jennie's Ultimate Road Trip 
  23. musiXmatch/Echonest integration on lyrics API
  24. Get Psyched – Find songs you haven't heard yet that touring bands you like are likely to play
  25. Invisible Instruments: Guitar
  26. SynLyrics – a synesthetics view to lexical music 
  27. LyricalComments – musiXmatch subtitles to soundcloud comments
  28. Riker – automatic mp3 tagging 
  29. Show Preview – should you bother catching that opening band, or get a beer instead? 
  30. Slideshow Sync – use EchoNest API to make the slideshow flip frames on the soundtrack's beat 
  31. "Twitter for Music" – a demo of a service for disposable music
  32. EOP945-DJMichael5000Botts – automatically chop and screw mp3s and other crazy sounds
  33. BeatBlender - step sequencer that uses samples from your music library that sound like drum sounds 
  34. spotfm - Google Chrome extension to play Spotify from pages 
  35. Sing'Em All – Sing your kick ass fav phrase with the monophonic melody of your choice!
  36. Highlight to Listen – A Google Extension that finds music using the Echo Nest api (and plays nicely with
  37. Uninterrupter – an experiment in unobtrusive notification for GPS navigation systems
  38. tomahawk jabber query – query tomahawk for information about the currently playing song  
  39. tomahawk music competitiveness – graph your friends' music collections, see who likes more bad music
  40. WTFM - break songs up into pieces and use those samples for live performance
  41. WeJayy – WeJayy is a collaborative realtime playlist generator. In effect, a crowd collectively acting as a disc jockey to control a single stream of music.
  42. Rocket Nest – Python implementation of the Echo Nest API.
  43. Setlist Energy – Songkick && Echo Nest plotting bands energy from setlists 
  44. PseudoConvolver – for MICrODEC programmable effects box
  45. Circuit benders 
  46. - Facebook + EchoNest + YouTube = Browse through Artists you like on Facebook, See their Videos (via EchoNest) and automatically play those 'songs'/videos via YouTube — three click music discovery


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