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Young Guru Says Major Labels Are “Slave Masters” And Artists Don’t Need Them Anymore

image from Hip-hop producer Young Guru, the man behind Jay-Z and Kanye West, has some choice words about the record industry. In this speech, he talks about the corporatization of music and why artists no longer need major labels. He hopes to warn artists of the modern trappings of 360 deals. To him, this is the perfect time for musical independence.

Watch the video of his talk below:

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  1. YES, he is absolutely correct. 360 deals are the last efforts of a industries business model, broken and on its way OUT!! BYE BITCHES!

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  3. he needs to settle down a little bit. I agree that labels are on the way out. But if an artist wants a good producer for their album, they need a bank. Unless the producers start bringing down their price, they’re just as much to blame. How much does young guru charge per track? i bet its upwards of 10k. Sounds to me like an artist needs to be the slave to afford an album like that.

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