Zaptunes Gets Killed, Claims Site Wasn’t A Fraud

image from www.zaptunes.com After three short months, Zaptunes, a site claiming to offer users unlimited music downloads, died. Their take on these events are quite amusing. Apparently, many of their users thought the site was “the best service” they had ever used. It gets even better. Their PR agent claims that angry music bloggers despised all the attention the site received and went as far as accusing the site to be a fraud – without any "proper evidence". Why would they do such a thing? Because, they argue, we were determined to “ruin Zaptunes popularity.”

When TorrentFreak, one of the top technology blogs online, finds 13 unlucky reasons why [your site] is bullshit; they are not saying so because they are envious of your traffic. And when your site can’t provide any evidence to leading publications as to why your site is not a fraud, writers are going to call it a fraud.

The company claims that they will be back “cheaper, stronger, and unlimited forever.” Lawsuits from the majors and indie labels do not work that way.

Unless, by chance, they are coming back as an even more illegal service than the one they started. That is impossible. Let us hope they die quickly and quietly.

Take a look at the best press release ever:

ZapTunes (http://www.zaptunes.com/), the website that shook the music industry by offering consumers to download free MP3 songs, broke the tragic news of their immediate shutdown to its thousands of users on Monday. As Zaptunes users, unwilling to see Zaptunes go, kept commenting on a blog post the company posted on Monday, a company email was sent to all its users breaking the news. “Zaptunes was the best free music downloads service I have encountered, and Rhapsody, iTunes, and Pandora will never compare,” Julie Kyler, a dedicated user commented.

“Zaptunes was the best free music downloads service I have encountered, and Rhapsody, iTunes, and Pandora will never compare”

Zaptunes offered its users unlimited music downloads for a staggering 25 dollars a month, capturing the attention of its numerous competitors, such as upcoming Google Music, Spotify, and Last.fm. The deal stirred up quite an uproar in the music community, as angry music bloggers despised the attention Zaptunes received. Determined to ruin Zaptunes popularity, many bloggers accused Zaptunes of being a fraud without proper evidence to backup their accusations.

The free music download company also received positive recognition by its thousands of users. Zaptunes users were disappointed to see their favorite place to download free music shutting down in just three short months. Hundreds of users commented on the company blog post to show their support and loyalty to Zaptunes.

“You have not seen the end of Zaptunes yet,” the blog post said, “we will be back cheaper, stronger, and unlimited forever.” Despite its negative publicity, the impact of unlimited music downloads and Zaptunes was covered in various media outlets and music blogs. Providing further information, the company email said that zaptunes.com will go offline in a week.

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