Amanda Palmer Partners With Fan To Record Album

image from gallery.mailchimp.com Amanda Palmer has gotten into the business of developing talent. By now, you may have already heard this story, but it's worth repeating. Palmer was walking home from a rehearsal session in late August. She came across a group of Berklee students and, for whatever reason, saw a few of them hugging, got inspired, and decided to take a picture. Tristan Allen, a NY-based pianist, was a part of this group. Upon a friend telling him that Palmer played cabaret-style piano music, he ran up to her and started to chat.

Palmer then informed Allen who she was and he was awestruck, having been a fan of the Dresden Dolls for years. He then asked if she'd be interested in hearing him play his piano music and she complied. Being that there were no practices spaced available, Palmer offered to bring Allen back to her place.

He performed. Next, Palmer asked if she could webcast him playing, to her fans, on the spot. They ate it up. Demand for his music was so high that she decided to take Allen into the studio and record a five-song EP. The whole project was funded through Kickstarter in a matter of two days. Palmer even collaborated with Allen on one of the tracks. It's a compelling story. To celebrate the release of the new album, both Palmer and Allen are hosting and performing a live-concert.

On December 12, the duo will play in the Berklee Performance Center at 7pm. It will also be streamed live via Ustream. Ticket proceeds from the event will fund a Berklee scholarship. Normally, we don't report about concerts, but this is sure to be worth seeing and attending, whether that be in person or through the webcast.

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