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Announcement: Myspace Hopes Mashup With Facebook Can Stop Traffic Exodus. Watch A Demo.

image from (Updated) With traffic tumbling, owner NewsCorp publicly pondering a sale and even the musicians that were the cornerstone of its original growth not bothering to keep their pages updated, MySpace did the only thing that that it could do – link more deeply with Facebook to try to drive some traffic.

More Details & A Video Demo

Today, a "thrilled" MySpace CEO Mike Jones announced that users have access to a mashup of Facebook and  MySpace feeds that provides a combined personal entertainment and interest stream. A Facebook Like button will also be added.

Mashup with Facebook builds upon Sync with Facebook, a recently introduced feature that enables the syncing of a Myspace status update with a Facebook profile or Page.

Jones also claimed that the new MySpace redesign had resulted in more traffic, but offered no specifcs.

Mashup your Facebook Likes on Myspace

Myspace | Myspace Video

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  1. myspace pros: still performs well on google searches, still seen by some to be the default introduction to an indie band.
    myspace cons: everything else.

  2. it was great in its day, but now we have so many different ways to network, it seems really old and outdated. I think in the future everything will be connected to facebook somehow! I mean, who uses email anymore?

  3. Timing is everything and MySpace made some bad timing choices… i.e. not adapting and improving based on user wants, needs, and desires. Facebook saw the void and filled it while MySpace sat around thinking they were still the big fish and too big to fail… and what is worse than coming to the party late? Coming to the party LAME! Once the public perceived MySpace as lame… MySpace developed a new set of problems that a new and improved feature set couldn’t change… Public Perception. Overcoming the public perception that MySpace is for losers is the biggest hurdle they face… Good luck with that… and a good lesson for all of us in regard to the importance of public perception & branding.

  4. but even facebook is getting ignored now – i mean there are about 3 people i know who still update their profiles – but mainly it is used for emailing or advertising events. I would say it has had its day.

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