Apple Ready To Extend iTunes Previews To 90 Seconds. Is It Too Little Too Late?

image from lssacademy.com CNet said it would happen back in September, but a new memo from iTunes to labels appears to confirm that Apple's music sales behomouth is finally ready to extend song previews to 90 seconds.  Of course, a letter from Apple asking labels to allow longer downloads does not mean that they will. And most fans are already used to going to a range of sites from YouTube to Google search to the artists own web site to listen to a full track or even album before purchasing. 

Screenshot of Apple's Letter To Labels

image from images.macrumors.com

via Mac Rumors

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  1. stupid. who cares. this is how dump tech companies have become.
    everything’s free at youtube/google.

  2. I know right?
    Why would anyone want to “preview” a 90 sec clip, when in fact they can “preview” the whole song on YouTube or somewhere else FOR FREE?!
    – Just ridiculous.

  3. Because not everybody wants to go to YouTube to hear a song. Some people like unified experiences, like iTunes/Ping provides.

  4. “this means to the labels: you will accept our 90 secs upgrade or you’re out…”
    iTunes already moved to 90 seconds a while back but had to change it cause the labels made a fuss. iTunes said they ‘forgot’ to check with them.

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