Bruce Warila: Can Computers Really Analyze Songs For Hit Potential? - hypebot

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No. My evidence: Fatboy Slim.


music x-ray, run by the author, used to market themselves as hit predictors. it was bunk then and it's bunk now.


used to be Platinum Blue. infamous for it's claims as a hit predictor. used to be a great video of it that was filled with high comedy unintentionally.


Hey Wow,

I don't run Music Xray.

Did you read the post or do we speak different languages? Music Xray doesn't use hit prediction technology at all. What's your point? IBM used to sell typewriters.

It always amazes me when people don't have the courage to use their names.


Here's some scientific evidence to show that computers cannot predict hits (mainly using audio content-based analysis)

- Paul's blog post:

- The PDF, for those *really* interested in the details:


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