Can The RIAA Kill A Zombie? LimeWire Resurrected.

image from unrealitymag.com The pirates have brought LimeWire back to life. What a short-lived victory that was.

They took over the damaged vessel, did some upgrades, and let it set sail on the open seas, err, BitTorrent servers. They've removed the dependency of LimeWire's central servers and stripped it of everything that slowed it down.

So much for speculating on if LimeWire users will convert the legal alternatives.

Given the ADD of file-sharers, they've all likely found their preferred substitute and won't be jumping back in with LimeWire. If users have moved from LimeWire to torrents, they've just leaped from sharing one song at a time to hundreds in the matter of seconds. It makes you wonder. Can the RIAA kill a zombie? There are no more central offices and people to sue. Now, LimeWire just exists. Braaains

via TorrentFreak

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  1. Braaains!
    Interesting lesson to any business suing a digital technology based rival (legal or otherwise.) By suing it you make it stronger. You have to be much, much smarter than suing.

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