EMI Says iTunes Beatles Exclusive Not Short Term

image from images.fastcompany.com Following the announcement this morning that The Beatles EMI catalog was available on iTune's as digital downloads for the first time, I asked EMI when we could expect to see The Beatles to also be available via Amazon and other digital retailers. Apparently, the answer is not anytime soon.

The Beatles are "exclusive with iTunes into 2011," an EMI spokesperson told Hypebot this morning. That leaves Jobs & CO the sole beneficiary of any Beatles Christmas sales bump. Score another victory for Cupertino.

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  1. There are more people in the world than you Greg. For example young ones who have never heard about the band before, or adults/older people who didn’t buy the vinyl, cassettes or CD’s.

  2. That’s a pretty sweet deal apple inc, got, even though i’m sure some of the agreement included apple inc. only taking a minimal cut of the money from each album or track and who knows what else, probably free promotion on top.

  3. Wall Street Journal:
    Under the terms, Apple Inc.’s digital media store is the Beatles’ exclusive online retailer at least until January, Mr. Faxon said in an interview Tuesday, after the much-awaited deal was announced.

  4. Not sure anyone noticed, Amazon also quickly put Beatles CD back catalog titles for sale at less than the iTunes download prices…including box sets.

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