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EMI vs. MP3tunes Lawsuit Could Help Make Google Music & iTunes In The Cloud A Reality

image from Mp3Tunes and founder Michael Robertson wrote in on Thanksgiving morning to comment on our post New Label Piracy Concerns Could Force Google Music To Delay Christmas Launch saying: "If we prevail (in court vs. EMI) then Google doesn't need a license and neither does Apple".

Of course, one court battle usually leads to another. But if he's right and does win, perhaps we can get past the silly idea that storing music online is some kind of "additional use".

Or maybe dreams will come true and rightsholders will realize that making fans wait for another lawsuit to settle how much access they have to music only leads to discontent and further alienation.

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  1. I just don’t want the money and time uploading that have been investing in my mp3Tunes locker to be thrown away by some short-sighted dishrag from EMI.

  2. I just wonder what is it going to take for the rightsholders to realize that it’s 2010 and not 1980.
    They need to get on the side of technology and figure out a way to work with it and stop trying to work against it.

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