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Facebook To Launch Special Email Client Monday

image from Facebook is launching it's own email client on Monday according to Silicon Alley Insider and other sources. It makes sense. Facebook and texting have already replaced email for many of Facebook's younger and most active users.  But what will Facebook email mean – good and bad – for email music marketing? 

Will artists now need to collect two email addresses – regular and Facebook – to be able to reach out to fans in the environment where they are most likely to spread music and information virally?  Stay tuned… we promise details as soon as they are available.

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  1. Facebook’s ‘Titan’ could be a real game changer – there is no denying that.
    I have written about some of the great things we could expect from ‘Titan’, including a more social inbox – but also written about the ‘cons’ such as spam concerns stemming from facebook profile names and more.
    Hope you enjoy,

  2. I started a website recently and purchased 10,000 Facebook fans from for our Facebook page and the results were amazing! I passed all my competitors when it comes to the number of Facebook fans… some competitors have been in business since 1999, but now we have 20 times more fans than them on Facebook, which made it seem that I’ve been in business much longer than them !

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