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Here is the Andrew Bosworth, Taking about it.



ty white

I think the bigger potential detriment, beyond the automated filtering, is the mental separation of the personal inbox from the professional/commercial. Getting marketing messages into the personal (Facebook) inbox is going to be increasingly difficult. That said, it could work out to the artists' advantage if people only see their marketing messages when they're in the mood to read through several impersonal messages.

As with most technology, it's only going to make us better, more creative marketers.


See, this is where I agree with T-Bone.

If you're a musician, fretting about new Facebook features is not the best use of your time. Make good music. Have a friendly and approachable presence on and off the web. Keep a consistent theme across your musical, visual and social styles. How to use any feature on any social network should follow from that.

Trevor Lombaer - Chi Guy Entertainment

Agreed. This new service could elevate the importance of a single message. If Facebook does a good job of making sure users are getting only messages they really care about, then there will be a heightened expectation level when checking your inbox.

As a 22 year old I hardly check my mail box because there's RARELY anything of importance to me in it. I check my voicemail a little more because maybe just maybe there might be a diamond in the rough. I check my email eagerly multiple times a day because there's often important messages. And I get most excited about Facebook notifications because 95% of the time it is something interesting about me or someone I care about. If a marketing message was slipped in there every now and then I would be a little pissed but if it happened less than in my email I would still enjoy my fb notifications more.


There is no still no better email address than at your own domain name.


Sounds interesting but I'd prefer to stick on using other sites than using FB for sending an email.

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I believe music marketers will not be affected seriously by the new face book email and messaging system. I think music marketers will adjust and make their marketing efforts stronger by creating more interesting content and providing member friends with better resources via email. Email is a more personal approach which I find works alot better when the my products and services are isolated in email marketing.

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Well, I really impressed on this service of FB email,I just recently got this services last week and I glad to used that.

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