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I guess this company is banking on bands not wanting to set up their own affiliate program? I don't think 20% is nearly enough of a motivation - especially in the early going. I'd rather set up my own affiliate program and give 60 - 80% to the affiliate - now there's some incentive.

As for the viral concept of fans inviting friends inviting friends - that sounds potentially spammy to me. I only watched the first 1:50 or so...it was a little too forced for me, so I don't know if this is addressed. A good start is just to allow buyers to become affiliates, you won't have as many promoters but if your get spam complaints using the viral system - you'll wish you didn't have so many affiliates.


How do you suggest we do that. I would like to do an affiliate program, this program looks pretty good, is there a better one out there.


A lot of webshops offer this opportunity so why is this so special?


Lack of inovation


Burnlounge did this 7 years ago... It didn't work for them.

However, they were also closed for being a pyramid scheme.


This is a startup? Who gave them money for this cheese?

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