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Find Paid Artist Opportunities Through Indaba Music

image from Indaba Music has launched its Opportunities Marketplace. With this dedicated platform, they aim to provide musicians with easy, quick access to paying gigs. For musicians, brands, and marketers, among others, this creates a go-to place for posting everything from simple wanted ads to full-blown sponsored competitions that feature custom voting and widgets.

At present, Indaba Music specializes in collaboration and content creation, but they aspire to broaden their reach and also generate recognition and income for musicians too. While many of the current opportunities are based around remix competitions – their specialty – there is also a chance to collaborate and record a melody with a musician, as well as, a licensing opportunity to create theme music for jewelry stores. Nothing to quit your job over just yet, but as time goes on, the platform is likely to grow and host even bigger paid music opportunities.

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  1. I assume that there will be a monthly fee to access this info. If so, Indaba must learn from Sonicbid’s mistakes and ensure at ALL times that info posted is current and still relevant, otherwise they’ll be in the courts!

  2. There’s no monthly fee. There are some premium opportunities that subscribing members have unlimited access to, but all free members get 3 “keys” a year anyways.

  3. Signed up to see what it was all about. I was able to upload a photo, but their site wouldn’t let me upload ANY music! Not a good way to start off… I wanted to contact them, but they don’t list their email and my computer isn’t set up with email program. Whatever… I have to admit, I’m getting kind of bored/frustrated/skeptical about signing up with all these “musician” friendly websites that do jack…

  4. Hey Chancius – I’m sorry you have seemed to have come across this issue. This is the first I have heard of this. My name is Mantis and I am head of the Indaba Music community. We have a complete Help section that includes our help address on the bottom of every page. And, we have a full team of staff members that are always willing to help.
    Please, contact me directly and I will make sure any site issues are resolved right away.
    And, a big thanx for checking us out!

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