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Foster Hagey

I don't think a partnership with Facebook would make much sense. The big issue with a US launch of Spotify is the unlimited free streaming to the desktop application. I doubt Spotify could handle the royalty obligations if the FREE streaming desktop version were just opened to all of Facebook's users.

500 million is a lot more than 16 million. That might put Spotify out of business.

I believe that the best launch deal for Spotify in the US would be to offer it pre-installed on all android handsets with a $3.99/month price point for the premium service for a 2 year contract. You signup for Spotify when you signup for your service contract.

I'm not sure of the exact numbers, but there are roughly 100,000 - 200,000 android handsets being activated daily. I'm sure during the 4th quarter those numbers will be even larger. That right there could get Spotify millions of premium paying users in a matter of months.

Get 10 million people paying $4/month = $480 million per year. That has to be a better starting point than 500 million paying $0 = $0 per year.

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