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Blame Arthur

Thank fucking Christ Jack Isquith is out of a job. Failing Upwards should be the title of his biography.

Randy Barrington

Friends on the inside say it was a total of 19 laid off. Good luck to them all.


Correction: Wendy Griffiths was SVP for music placement. Also gone: Jeff Anderson, SVP Creative, and Grover.

Jef Gray

BME: Grover is Tom Biery, listed above.


Oops. Knew that. Thought I'd read Tom Osborne, who was also let go.

L Verde

anybody know if rob goldklang (sic) is still there?


He is.


Bout fucking time this happened, Warner music has been fucking up for the past few years with all these horrible ass business deals, losing millions of dollars on stupid ass investments. Fucking idiots.

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