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MP3tunes Asks Judge To Reject EMI Lawsuit

image from MP3tunes has filed a motion for Summary Judgment (full filing below) in the EMI Recods lawsuit over MP3tunes' Sideload, a music search engine.  EMI also complained that MP3tune's music locker is an infringement as well. Founder Michael Robertson says he's been unfairly singled out:

"This case has enormous ramifications for the internet industry because all the major net companies offer services which store media files," Roberston wrote Hypebot late yesterday. "This includes their personal storage services like Google Docs, Microsoft Skydrive and Apple iDisk which offer unlimited file sharing
– something MP3tunes doesn't allow. In addition, all offer email services also store music files in a similar fashion; so any argument lodged against MP3tunes would apply similarly to those services as well.

MP3tunes' Motion for Summary Judgment – Memo of Law

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