New Label Piracy Concerns Could Force Google Music To Delay Christmas Launch

image from chasingtheelectronicdragon.com It appears increasingly likely that Google Music will not launch in time to take advantage of the lucrative holiday shopping season. The major roadblock is label resistance to Google's desire to offer an online music locker along with downloads and perhaps music streams. The labels are worried that users will store pirated songs along with legal downloads.

"What's been holding things up is that the labels will do downloads, but they need to know more about the locker service, and Google really wants to keep the two together," a source told the NY Post. "All those details have to be sussed out and they [Google] have to get back to us with details."


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  1. DECE is the answer to cloud problems. Hollywood is once again, way ahead of the idiots in the music world.

  2. This article/source is somewhat misleading. Labels are not held up by this but merely needing all the information to make an informed decision. I think labels are excited about this opportunity but rushing into rash decisions is what got the industry into this mess in the first place. The industry needs to understand all that is going on before entering any agreements, no matter how excited they are.

  3. “rushing into rash decisions is what got the industry into this mess in the first place.”
    I think the general consensus is that the labels didn’t do enough rushing and spent too much time on their laurels

  4. DECE hasn’t delivered anything yet, has it?
    I’m reminded of SDMI in two ways here. First, the staggering complexity of the design task for DECE. (Why should DECE work out any better than Microsoft Plays For Sure?) Second, the labels’ concern over piracy with Google’s hypothetical music service reminds me of the SDMI goal to render unauthorized copies useless.

  5. It’s rather likely both Google and ITunes are “waiting in the wings” so to speak, pending the outcome of EMI’s lawsuit vs. Mp3tunes.

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