Offline, Anonymous File-Sharing Network Launches

image from farm5.static.flickr.com Another p2p file-sharing network is starting in a public space near you. An artist based out of NYC has been embedding USB sticks into walls and curbs across the city. Aram Bartholl's project is called Dead Drops.

This offline and anonymous network allows anyone to plug into the network and upload or download anything they like. While the ports can mainly be found in Brooklyn and Manhattan, Bartholl plans to create a guide and enable people to create their own network anywhere. This is a small reminder that even if the web is locked down, people will still share their files.

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  1. Is it just me or is this just plain idiotic? Someone might as well just toss their computer out of a window.

  2. Why shouldn’t artists get paid for their work? Are they somehow less important then everybody else? I’ll be most people reading this expect to get paid for their work, just curious why it’s cool to steal from musicians?

  3. Yes musicians do deserve to get paid! But they need get paid only for performance. Music had traditionally been handed down from generation to generation for the peasant population to enjoy. It seems that now musicians have become greedy rather than taking light in the enjoyment there music brings to others they take plight in the fact that a fan may have only been able to listen to there music by “handing down” from another person or “illegally downloaded” as the artist’s so dimmly puts it.

  4. Only for performance, thats asinine. I agree that record labels started the need for people to download instead of purchase because of their non ability to lower prices over the years. Still wouldn’t walk into a store and grab what I wanted then walk out. This is just me but if i see one of those, it’ll be broken shortly after i see it.

  5. @J5
    Why would you do that? HMM? Doesnt the article read an ARTIST started this?? Who cares if files” not specifically music” are shared via brick walling. You sir are not a scholar but an ASS.

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