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D.I.Y. YouTube Stars Pamplamoose Land Hyundai Car Commericals

image from 'Tis the season to be jolly – that is, if you're Pamplamoose and just filmed advertisements for Hyundai. The duo has taken their signature YouTube style video, added a shiny car, and filmed holiday songs in their garage. It's a tie between congratulating them for banking a big Christmas payday and wishing I could get my indie authenticity back.

It's one of those situations where if they didn't drive a Hyundai before, they do now. Yet, I doubt their fans would ridicule them for selling out. The videos are cutesy – done with a Pamplamoose flare – so it's hard to hate. Good for them.

See their 'commercial debut' below:

Jingle Bells, but better:

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  1. Definitely good for them. I saw the commercial last night. It’s exactly what the do on youtube. I think they’re fun and talented but what they do is, as you said, cutesy and gimmicky. They’re not trying to be a serious touring band or a dour shoegazer indie cred band. This is the perfect art-commerce balance because Hyundai tailored the campaign to Pamplamoose’s creative vision, not the other way around which it usually is with brand tie-ins.

  2. The concern with selling out is a concept from the 90s. If a band independently figures out how to cut out the middle man to make some dough, then it’s simply awesome. I. Love. This. Band. Thanks for the blog news!

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