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The word is dominant. In the title, and in the body of the article, you use dominate. Honestly, who is your copy editor?

Your Junior High School Grammer Teacher

agreed, sort it out already

Your Junior High School Grammer Teacher

Grammar !!! Ha, I did it too...but I'm not a writer...so yeah, sort it out !!!

Kyle Bylin

Thank you very much for the heads-up. We don't have copy-editors. So, we get to find out about embarrassing mistakes like that in comments. There's only two of us, each writing our own posts, from thousands of miles away. Sorry for the stupid mistake and thanks for pointing it out.


But the mistakes are almost daily. They just aren't always pointed out.

However, I still love the blog!!!


A decent copy editor is not hard to find, contact Tiffany of http://www.writewordedit.com . She can help with your copy and won't break the bank.

Marius Krinnan

I guess European companies are irrelevant, then?

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