Rank ’em Revamps Site, Adds YouTube Playback

45454 Rank 'em, a crowdsourced music discovery resource, has overhauled their site. They've taken on a cleaner interface and are now allowing fans to playback songs through YouTube. But founder Adam Wexler notes that there's still "plenty to do."

However, the site grows stronger with every contribution and he hopes to see it evolve into a destination where both fans and artists can consume and produce greatest hits compilations, among other things. Watch the demo:

Demo from Rank 'em on Vimeo.

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  1. thanks for the mention, kyle! like you said, we would love to see artists taking into account the fan perspective. they may think they have a great feel for what the fans love…but do they really know? everybody has their own favorites so it’s always interesting to see what the collective opinion yields 🙂
    @danman01 – sounds like you know the guy, ha.
    @thesessionspot – exactly. nobody else is aggregating the fan sentiment like rank ’em. if artist want to put together a greatest hits compilation, why not base it off of the fan favorites?

  2. This is a great idea. With so much emphasis on hits/singles, the truly great songs often get lost in the noise. It’s awesome that something like this has come along to give the voice back to true fans.

  3. thanks jonathan. i knew there were more of us out there 🙂
    btw, shoot me a note adam[at]gorankem.com — maybe there’s room for a rank ’em + hypedsound collaboration. never discount comments sections for getting business done, ha

  4. I wanted to thank Adam for his help with some questions I had. Rank’em was fast to respond and had good information.
    As an artist, I found it to be a pleasant change.
    Music sites often want you to submit your content, and then don,t have the time to respond to your questions or concerns.
    I’m giving Rank’em a big thumbs up, and again, thank you Adam.
    Mark Dakota

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