Spotify Attempts To Add Users With Free Trial

image from Spotify hopes to entice users a with a Premium 7-day free trial. To do so, users will have to enter their credit card info and accept charges if they fail to cancel. Details on the offer can be found here. This promotion could bolster their adoption rate and give them a little more leverage, but only time will tell if trying out the full service will lead to more users paying for the site.

According to Sean Parker, by letting users build music collections and stream music free, the company can get the users "by the balls" and attract paid users.

With that logic, allowing users to try the full service and walk everywhere with their music should be like dangling them over the ledge of a building and asking them to pay up for free streaming. In other words, this should work out quite well.

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  1. Anyone know what kind of sound quality the Spotify steams have? I guess might depend on your connection but…

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