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This is just more proof the music industry is not what it use to be. I hope artists are paying to these new developments and adjust their game plans accordingly.


you mean as in 'get a frikkin' job, loser'?

or 'sell lots of T-shirts, like upcoming artists Madonna and Jay-Z'?

as goes EMI, so goes Drag City, SST, etc


the less, the merrier!


This is because the quick rich fad of boy bands. no cares they are on 20,000,000 of them out there why buy them just pirate them off the net. sign some real artist and get them records selling.what the hell happen to ' Back To The Drawing Board ' we as Americans are getting dumber by the days.


Can anyone chime in and let me know if this means The CITI logo is gonna start appearing on my publishing checks?

It really is difficult to find any in depth coverage of this case.

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