The Beatles Sell 2M Tracks In 1 Week On iTunes

image from www.celebrityaccess.com For those who doubted that The Beatles finally being available for download as an iTune's exclusive was a big deal, comes the news that first week worldwide sales totalled more than 450,000 Beatles albums plus two million individual songs according to Apple Inc.

The  top selling Beatles album in the U.S. was "Abbey Road" and the best selling individual track was "Here Comes the Sun." The Beatles Box Set, which costs $149, was No. 10 on Apple's weekly iTunes Top 10 Album list for the week. At sveral points during the week, The Beatles held 7 of the Top 10 iTunes track sale positions in the U.S.

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  1. Kind of surprising to me! I know that The Beatles have a lot of fans and so does iTunes, but doesn’t everyone pretty much have these tracks already? Who would wait the years it’s taken for iTunes to get these tracks through them and not one of a bazillion other online sites? I can only fathom that there is a contingent of people who are 60 years of age and older who rely on iTunes because it’s the most well known downloadind site (because that’s what the media has told them and they lack the knowledge/experience with the Internet to look elsewhere) and that it’s safer than going to a site where they may accidentally download a virus.

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