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Ticketmaster Gets Social, Hopes Music Fans Will Too

image from Ticketmaster strives to overcome the awareness problem in the live music sector with their new social features. Since many fans miss shows because they don't know about them and true fans make that best marketers, the company has taken big steps to empower their behavior.

By making it so fans can click the attending button once they've purchased tickets, Ticketmaster hopes that fans will be forward about alerting all of their friends at once about their concert plans. They've also added Facebook 'Like' buttons on their artist and venue pages, as well as, ‘Recommend’ buttons on their event pages. Their goal is to fill up newsfeeds with event information and ticket purchases. As fans move through the site, clicking the buttons, it'll help other fans find out about live shows, while they broadcast their music fandom.

Hopefully, the alerts won't be obnoxious. Otherwise, despite how thankful a few fans might be about the added knowledge, they'll still move to remove the alerts from their newsfeed, because, honestly, it's not much better than email spam.

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