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Track And Fields: New Remix & Music Licensing Site

444 Track and Fields, a Berlin-based remix and licensing opportunity site, offers a number of tools for musicians and producers alike. They provide pre-cleared samples and stems to use; referrals for sync and production opportunities; catalogued submissions for music supervisors; and collaboration opportunities. Thus far, the company has attracted participation in remix contests, among other efforts, from labels and bands, such as NEU, Six Degrees, Saddle Creek, Coheed and Cambria and Temper Trap.

In some respects, Track and Fields is similar to Indaba Music. Where they differ from each other is that Track and Fields is more specifically geared towards sync opportunities and contests. In contrast, Indaba Music does that too and focuses on a much broader set of tools, music services, and business partnerships.

Track and Fields boasts over 30,000 users from over 100 countries. Indaba Music, on the other hand, having been around a bit longer, has over 500,000 users. Tracks and Fields is currently working on raising their profile in the US and adding more collaboration opportunities with a variety of labels. Both companies, at their core, are seeking to alleviate musicians from the tyranny of geography.