What Are Your Most Pressing Music Industry Issues?

image from www.latenightwallflower.com All day, I've been asking myself this question. To me, the most pressing issue is and continues to be exploring the emergent social ecology of music culture online. Now that's a rather abstract one. Close contenders are:

  • Fostering online music communities that support creativity
  • Raising local cultural awareness and active fan participation
  • Decriminalizing digital youth and deepening media literacy
  • Identifying artist revenue streams beyond digital song sales

What are your most pressing music industry issues? What are the topics that don't get nearly enough attention in the media? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. The broad stroke concept are great but useless. I have three things that apply to non major label artists and the community that lives off of them, some for good, most as leaches.
    On the LIVE angle:
    If money is to be had in live gigs, it might be nice to have places to play and the ability to create bills that people want to actually see, instead of the awful line ups created in the pay to play universe.
    On the MERCH and product angle
    Might be nice to have real solutions affordably priced for music distribution, merch creation and fulfillment rather than the turn key systems presently offered which make the musician pennies on the dollar.
    For bloggers and software guys:
    Before touting the latest online gimmick that will charge another 10-20% of gross, it might nice to create a business structure that integrates with everything else going on, and yeah I do know all of them and none do a good job including topspin.

  2. Fan participation in new innovation ways
    Implicate them in the marketing process
    Fans are asking more for their money they want more access, better quality product and if that happens they are more than willing to purchase and share it legally.
    Also single mp3s should be free as I said before fans want more.

  3. A WAY TO MONETIZE GOOD MUSIC!!! Something like topspin thats works better than topspin, One program to use to manage everything, rather than having to deal with 15 companies just to be on point.

  4. Restore dignity to the music industry and prevent it from turning into the joke it has become. Why is AM/FM radio “overplaying” music that will not stand the test of time. Why do we play so little from Europe (besides U2 and Coldplay)? Why do we have regional releases for music in the digital age? There should be no borders in cyberspace. Right now, illegal downloading is the only avenue that respects that idea – and yet it is illegal and unfair. Make legally purchasing music from any part of the world easier and more cost-effective.

  5. Take all the cool features of unlicensed music sites and offer a licensed alternative
    e.g. download the entire Bob Dylan discography in one click
    create an all-you-can-eat download service
    create a system where people can share rarities and bootlegs and the creators get paid

  6. That’s not respect — that’s stealing from talented artists who are professionaly trying to make a living as creators.

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